Lindsay Collette Edwards

CEO and Owner

Collette Caters, Inc.

(888)800-0324 Ext 3

About the Owner

Collette Caters Inc. is a company that was birthed out of the heart and mind of Lindsay Collette Edwards, single mother of four who always had a love for cooking and entertaining the masses. Chef Lindsay often used cooking to bring her family and friends together to celebrate life, make hard times easier, and to try some of her new creations.

Chef Lindsay has a long list of celebrity clients that she has provided The Collette Caters Cuisine experience to....

The Braxton Family

Lisa Nicole Cloud (Married to Medicine)

Dr. Jackie Waters (Married to Medicine)

Patricia Thompson (Cutting It in the ATL)

World Changers International Church

And More...

Chef Lindsay's humble spirit partnered with word of mouth referrals and repeat clients have made Collette Caters a huge success.